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Get your FREE copy of Shine Together Everyday: How to Plan a Positive Week for Children with Complex Challenges 

A publication by The Quaker School at Horsham

Developed for families of children with complex challenges, this ebook includes four simple-to-implement techniques that will help your family flourish each week -- even when life doesn’t go according to plan. 

You will learn:  

  • How to add positive thinking, actions and words to your daily experiences
  • How to reinforce positive behavior in your children
  • Five ways to give your children genuine praise – and the benefits of doing so
  • How to encourage your child to engage in physical activity
  • Three ways to bring more joy to everyday family moments
  • Why positive thinking is so powerful for parents
  • How to adopt a gratitude practice
  • How to create a positive weekly plan -- and stick to it!  

It’s time to plan your positive week!